Micro-Business Support Report Juni 2019

All of the small businesses that were sponsored by Project Education Sweden are still in business and the majority of them are doing well. We have remained in contact with nine of them and are tracking down the tenth recipient who we suspect might have had his phone stolen and therefore has a new number. We have however had a report that he is still operational and is helping people in the community set up their computers as well as doing minor repairs to computers.

Three of the initial beneficiaries have been accepted onto a growth funding project and have been able to access additional funding to further grow their business. These beneficiaries are Phatiswa Tetyana, Nothandekile Ngalo and Bulelwa Tito.

A number of the beneficiaries were also able to attend a recent workshop run by one of the local banks around money management. The course was specifically designed for micro-businesses and the participants learned some good information that will help them to make better financial decisions for their businesses. They were also delighted that the course included lunch being served to them in a local restaurant!

Read and download the whole report here Project Education Sweden Report June 2019