Läs intervjun med Jayden på Christmas Tinto Primary School

Här är kort intervju med Jaden, en 11 årig pojke som går i skolan i Kapstaden.

Några ord från rektorn på skolan; 

The interview with Jaden is his words but we edited it so that it can understandable and comprehensive but it is his words. I was humbled when he said ” Kaloku tishala le uniform iba shushu and indinika isidima” loosely translated as ” This uniform does not only cover my back and keep me warm but also cover my dignity””


My name is Jayden Damonse, I am 11 years old. I was born in Nomzamo location in Cape Town, South Africa. I live with my grandmother, aunt and four siblings between the ages 4 years and 21 uears.

My grandmother is the head of the family. She works as a domestic
worker. I think she is a superwoman, because with the little she earns
she provides for me and my family. We live in a one room house with kitchen and bedroom divided with curtains.

We also have an extended room outside, that is made from wood and zinc for my aunt and my older brother. My favorite time with my family is when we sit together around my granny and enjoy supper together.


I am currently attending school at Christmas Tinto Primary
School, doing Grade 5. My favorite subject at school is English. Ienjoy reading stories to my class and my friends. My favorite sport at school is athletics and cross-country. When I grow up I would like to represent my country in athletics (Olympics). I would also like to become a fire fighter, because I would like to
help other people when they need help. My ultimate dream is to reward my grandmother for raising me and my siblings by building her a big beautiful house, by myself a house and a beautiful car. The size of my family and unemployment at the house makes it difficult for us to get basic needs such school forms, stationery, education tour school trips and other scholastic needs.

When I received a school uniform from Imibala I was happy and excited because I will be like other children as well. This uniform means that no one will know I am poor with no money. The reason I like uniform is that it makes us look the same. No one knows if there’s money at your home or not. This is what this uniform means to me. It does not only cover my back from colds but it only covers me from embarrassment so thank you so much to IMIBALA and its partners.