“Diversity and we have learners from across Africa”


“We are united as one and sport is our drug of choice”


“This is how we all should look like”


“Naturally competitive and we don’t add numbers”


“And sometimes we just dance and throw the book away”


“And sometimes we just continue dancing and pray that we get it right”


“I don’t run for myself I do it for my school, I want it to be known all around” Mpho Ntesang on her way to win 1500m under 13 girls in Coetzenberg Stadium. She is currently the Western Province and the Western Cape Champ in 1500m girls 13yrs


“I love running but running for my school is the best feeling ever and I love hearing the voice of my teachers shouting for me” Inga Nomaphelana 13yrs 1500m Western Province champ. Also in the picture 4th position is Raymond Khombora from CTPS


“Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing”


“They say always keep your feet on the ground but we prefer to defy gravity” this was during school time trials on rented field because do not have a sport field.”
“Painting classes or art classes”


“Hurdles will always be there in life but we get thrilled by the rush of overcoming them”


“To be the best you must mix with the bust and rub shoulders with them something might just rub off you”


“You might not believe it now but someday we will get there” #DealerInHope


“One thing that makes Christmas Tinto Primary unique is that we are a dream team that not only dreams but wake up and chase our dreams”
“Whoever said always put your feet on the ground has obviously never ran”
Much Love
Mr. Qantolo (Headmaster)